Edge City Networks delivers secure, high-speed satellite internet. Anywhere.

Rock-Solid Internet
Edge City Connect gives you rock-solid personal internet with crystal-clear video Skype for a great price.
Connectivity Without Limits
Getting business class satellite internet has never been easier. Find out how you can support thousands of users from one small platform.
Us Vs. Them
With Edge City, there’s no filtering.  No limits on XBox or Playstation.  No massive bandwidth throttling.

You face plenty of challenges while operating in remote locations – staying connected shouldn’t be one of them.  Edge City offers solutions for all your connection needs:

Edge City Connect personal broadband keeps you connected with family and friends back home.  Our high-speed network allows you to pick the way you want to connect – daily, weekly or monthly.  Unlike others, we give you the choice of wired or wifi connectivity.  Free unlimited roaming lets you connect in the many locations Edge City is available.

Edge City Direct business class broadband keeps your team working together just like they’re all back at the office.  Secure, high-speed, and maintenance free so your staff can focus on their job.

Edge City WiFi delivers a fully managed “ISP-in-a-box” solution so you can stay connected wherever your business takes you.  With coverage including North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle-East, Edge City WiFi provides rock-solid internet, regardless of your location or group size.